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Moёt Hennessy

About Moёt Hennessy USA

Moёt Hennessy USA is the leading importer and marketer of luxury wines, spirits and champagnes in the U.S. Moët Hennessy USA combines the expertise, brand portfolios, sales and marketing networks of all distributed brands in the US.

Global company, global needs

To support its global communication and collaboration goals, Moёt Hennessy USA wanted to implement additional technology solutions that were best of breed, mobile-ready, and worked in the cloud.

The Solution

Strategic technology choices

We evaluated a range of collaboration platforms with its three criteria in mind, we decided that Office 365 was one of the best choices for collaboration that also gave the flexibility to choose between cloud-based and onsite software deployments.

Simple sharing and seamless collaboration

Engage and inform

  • Feature of the Day/News
  • Employee Directory
  • Latest Scores
  • News Carousel
  • Bulletin Board

Harness collective knowledge

  • Help Desk
  • Training
  • Document portal
  • Executive Video Series
  • Career Development Center

Search Functions

  • Employee
  • Job
  • News
Moet Hennessy USA


Increased efficiency through custom apps

The company has benefited from its transition to SharePoint Online, which is the basis for both the intranet and a range of custom applications designed to help employees contribute more directly to the company's success. Teams can now easily share files, data, news, and resources across PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.


Microsoft SharePoint and CRM 365 Cloud Implementation

Moёt Hennessy

Microsoft Dynamics® GP and CRM Business Solution, and Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server


Salesforce Implementation

Moёt Hennessy

Visual Force, Apex SOQL, SOAP, REST

With the goal to strengthen its global distribution network, Moёt reached out to Fair Pattern to build an integrated UI for Salesforce which brings together their multiple distributors across the US so that business can track data in one place. They needed to automate business processes and setup the ability to backtrack.

Our help was needed for IOS & Heroku App enhancements for various business workflows for both mobile and desktop usability.

The Challenge

Moёt Hennessy had a need to integrate all data points from their various distributors into one system. Prior to the solutions Fair Pattern proposed, data from the various distributors had to be aggregated for accurate ROI and reporting capabilities. The Salesforce app needed to be mobile ready.

The Solution

Fair Pattern built an integrated UI for both mobile and desktop including:

Journey Planning:

Developed new UI with changing functionality connecting to multiple objects

Account view showing different kinds of act ivies with photo capturing capability, affecting different objects

Integration with Distributors:

We integrated various distributors using dell boomi API.

Enable report generation in Salesforce including subscription rules


Hennessy USA Case Study
Hennessy USA Case Study


Objective C and J2

Export Bar Mobile App

Export Bar Mobile App

The Export Bar app allows sellers to connect with buyers in a unique social media platform. It is designed to maximize exposure of products and factories through our auto matchmaking and positioning algorithm, as well as through the relentless efforts of our in-house marketing team who connect "quality manufacturers with quality buyers".

The Challenge

The application was written using Objective C and J2 for iOS and Android platform respectively with a Yii, Node.js backend architecture and RESTFUL API's on Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure with node based elastic EC2 servers along with a load balancer bridge.

The Solution

The application was written using Objective C and J2 for iOS and Android platform respectively with a Yii, Node.js backend architecture and RESTFUL API's on Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure with node based elastic EC2 servers along with a load balancer bridge.

Export Bar


Magento 2.1 - Lansinoh

Including Durable Medical Equipment Sales

Lansinoh Laboratories, Inc. manufactures breastfeeding accessories. It offers care products and provides breast pumps. In addition, it offers storage solutions, including pumping sets, flanges, breastmilk storage bags, and breastmilk storage bottles; and feed solutions, such as bottles nipples and nipples. The company sells its products online, as well as through retail stores in the United States and internationally. The company was founded in 1984 and is based in Alexandria, Virginia.

Lansinoh Laboratories, Inc., reached out to Fair Pattern with a vision for an entirely new website. While the previous website included the core information they needed, Lansinoh needed to extend the unparalleled in-store experience to web and mobile devices. Our strategy, design, and development teams crafted a new website to better represent the premium brand they had built - from the exclusive Breast Pumps, to the first-class service provided to both consumers and healthcare professionals.

The Challenge

Lansinoh used two separate servers for their content and shopping cart. They didn't have access to the Magento servers and couldn't upgrade nor configure settings.

Lansinoh is the manufacturer and authorized dealer of the DME equipment but were not able to sell directly without going through a third party insurance lookup company.

Lansinoh needed to automate their healthcare provider authentication for their discount and giveaway program.

Lansinoh Case Study

The Solution

  • Discovery & Strategy Planning
  • User Experience Optimization
  • Interactive Web Design
  • Custom Web Development & Programming
  • Third-Party System Integration
  • Turn-Key CMS and Web Hosting
  • Fair Pattern received the raw data from their current build and updated the current version of Magento.
  • App creation seamlessly connecting insurance companies to check customer's insurance eligibility, co-pay and upgrade cost to enable Lansinoh cart experience for their DME products.
  • Automatic lookup tool to authenticate healthcare provider status via NPPES API

The technology used:

  • Created separate views for healthcare providers vs. customers
  • NPPES public data API to authenticate a viable healthcare provider based on NPI.
  • Partnered with third party healthcare payer lookup through API to determine patient's eligibility for DME product
Lansinoh Case Study
Lansinoh Case Study


UI - UX Project

NYC Department

NYC Department of City Planning reached out to Fair Pattern to reduce inconsistencies across three different platforms in use for their Geographic Online Address Translator.

Nyc Department

The Challenge

The Geographic Online Address Translator services are built in 3 different platforms; C#, VB NET and html, the challenge was to achieve internal consistency within accepted UI design patterns.

The Solution

Fair Pattern accomplished a responsive design for access anywhere and similarity across all platforms.

  1. Design and Style guide idea on the above 3 applications and landing pages
  2. HTML and .NET conversion of the approved UI designs
  3. Setting up the code base and running them in our environment
  4. Integration of the HTML / .NET designed pages into the application front end
  5. Deliverables will be in Style Guide PDF, PSD, HTML and ASP.NET, VB.NET codes


Python and Machine Learning, Consulting and Delivery

Fair Pattern Customer Relationship Management


Fair Pattern's CRM is used by marketing teams to grow business faster than ever before by building stronger customer relationship over time, and exceeding expectations every step of the way. We help create Email, Content and Social Media Campaigns to nurture qualified leads and help you convert leads into sales & lasting customer relationships

Our platform helps you track, sustain and improve your sales funnel processes. We can help you excel with establishing positive and timely client relationships.

Fair Pattern's CRM
  • Contacts
  • Lead Generation
  • Email Campaign
  • Marketing Workflow
  • Email Analytics
  • Social Analytics
  • Events
  • Reports
  • Advertisement
Fair Pattern's CRM
Fair Pattern's CRM
Fair Pattern's CRM
Fair Pattern's CRM

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